Waging hope with a web-based tool
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72% of patients with pancreatic cancer will die within the first year of diagnosis. And only 4.6% participate in potentially lifesaving trials.

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network was determined to change these numbers. In 2010, they set a goal to double the survival rate by 2020 and partnered with us to build a tool that would tap into their expansive clinical trial database, giving increased access to those who need it most.



Increased conversion from 6.8% to 94.4% after app optimization


Patients and their doctors: Understanding our dual audience

Through extensive discovery exercises, we outlined targeted information about users and learnings which identified their differing needs and goals. These learnings shaped the development of our Clinical Trial Finder.


The Clinical Trial Finder: The first web app of its kind

Now, patients can easily provide diagnostic information to find eligible clinical trials and chat with a support team for details. Healthcare professionals can research and store clinical trial information in real time with a robust set of filters. An optimized back end ensures a smooth experience for both user groups.

Pancan Clinical Trial Finder


Continued app optimization supports an enhanced experience

We continue to leverage data, making iterations to develop the tool, increase findability — and promote a brighter outlook for patients on the road ahead.

When analytics revealed a low conversion rate on the tool's form for healthcare professionals, we employed user testing and data analysis to craft a solution. Simply shifting account entry down the user path led conversion to skyrocket.

"Springbox professed the development of our vision for the clinical trial finder, turning something that was an idea and making it a reality ... making it even better, bigger and greater than what we had envisioned."

Porsha James
Senior Manager, Clinical Initiatives
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network