Inspired by the past, built for the future


After 60 years of business, the people at The Nitsche Group had grown into a trusted team of insurance agents. Now they needed to tell their story to a new generation.

Springbox built a new brand identity and then articulated this through a responsive website complete with rich storytelling, steeped in Texan roots. As a partner, Springbox continues to support the website with optimization, campaign strategy and execution.



49% better bounce rate for organic visitors than the insurance industry benchmark.


Redefining insurance in the digital space

Formerly known as the Insurance Network of Texas, this rebrand to a family name proved an interesting challenge for Springbox and The Nitsche Group teams. To align on branding and business goals, Springbox held a workshop and conducted in-depth stakeholder interviews as part of an extensive discovery process.


Mapping a brand to a family name

The Nitsche Group has a history of great partnerships with their clients. Springbox needed to express this value proposition in a visual and messaging identity. A creative platform was developed and now acts as a guiding light for Springbox and The Nitsche Group to craft copy. The visual identity draws on classic photography and iconic type to express a brand that is rooted in its small town history.

1900s Man
Nitsche Evolution


A modern website for a historic brand

For the Nitsche Group, insurance is a personal business, and this is reflected in their sales approach. They needed a website that would complement their talented staff while still capturing new leads. Through a collaborative design process, Springbox developed an interactive, responsive, editorial-style website that recalls flipping through an old photo album. From the ground up, the responsive website communicates the key value proposition — that The Nitsche Group is a family business that’s there for their clients' needs.

Nitsche Tablet App


Optimizing experiences with business goals

After launch, Springbox saw an opportunity to drive more leads through the homepage. We initiated a series of A/B tests to optimize the user flow from the homepage to the Contact Us page. This included an adaptive solution that allowed users on mobile to easily call The Nitsche Group directly from the homepage.


reduction in homepage bounce rate


increase in pages per session


increase in Contact Us usage

"Springbox has bridged the gap between digital agencies and branding agencies and was able to deliver both. I am very pleased with our results and I look forward to working with them for the long term."

Chris Lowder
Chief Marketing Officer