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Results rooted in research.

Our products are built to last: backed by research and perfected by strategy. We utilize multiple research platforms, like Ecommerce Analytics and Snapshot, to ensure that solutions are always built with purpose. We test early and often, allowing us to solve problems at every point in our process: from first-time ideation to prototype testing.

Custom built for each customer.

The holistic approach we use is simple. We start with a strategy backed by research. We create products and content that solve problems. Following launch, we monitor traffic to measure our solutions to ensure lasting results. In the end, you get unique products, tailored specifically for your solutions and custom built by us.

Our Offerings

  • UX/UI Design
  • Research
  • Workshops


Integrating Kony Visualizer to improve user experience.

When we first collaborated with Kony Visualizer, our aim was to create the most intuitive, user-friendly mobile banking app on the market, but first we needed to understand the challenges users had with the mobile banking apps that were currently available. We found that people had difficulties navigating most apps and finding the information they needed. We also discovered that most users found banking apps confusing and unappealing in general. After performing user research and utilizing Kony’s live prototyping technology, we were able to generate a universal banking app that streamlined the user experience by including more intuitive searchability and a seamless user flow. Now, users can spend less time with unnecessary information and reach answers more quickly.

  • Dynamic search capability: users could search all transactions to see if their current one was filed.
  • Improved experience: new wireframes, backed with user research, improved the structure and menu flow.
  • Enhanced solutions: developed new digital designs, created an omni-channel function and breakthrough user experience.
  • This universal banking app has been customized for a variety of different clients such as IDC and Aetna.

When it comes to technology, efficiency and user experience are key. Our partnership with Kony lets us develop prototypes with more speed and accuracy — so your products can get into your clients’ hands faster than ever before.

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