One for the Books: LBJ Site Snags Gold MarCom Award

It was a long time coming — or launching for that matter — but Springbox’s dedication to a fresh new web experience for the LBJ Presidential Library paid off by bringing home a Gold MarCom Award for Digital Media.

Bringing LBJ’s Legacy to Life in the Digital Era

Nestled deep in the heart of Austin, Texas, the LBJ Presidential Library is a local treasure that honors the 36th President of the United States and includes incredible exhibits like The LBJ Telephone Tapes, which give visitors insight into conversations recorded by the president during his time in office. Unfortunately, the library’s online experience was falling short compared to the impressiveness of the physical museum’s offerings. Notably, the website was challenging to navigate and difficult to update, which dampened the library’s allure for visitors and archivists alike.

Enter Springbox, with a passionate user experience design and development team dedicated to creating a solution that would create a more integrated experience between the physical museum and its digital counterpart.

To completely oversimplify the process involved for brevity’s sake, the site refresh was broken down into three not-so-simple tasks:

  1. An in-depth workshop was conducted that included dozens of stakeholder interviews to truly understand what the LBJ Presidential Library site needed to accomplish, including supporting a vast range of audiences. Educators, museum visitors, archivists, LBJ enthusiasts, tourists and administrators all had individual needs that were important for the site to address. The workshop culminated in a mapped-out strategy to make the site the resource for all.
  2. We redesigned the site to ensure multiple requirements were met. As always, accessibility was a top priority and, in this instance, there were also a plethora of government regulations at play. The balance was to prominently convey the rich and relevant story of LBJ while adhering to multiple layers of compliance.
  3. To address our clients’ goals, it became apparent that building a custom CMS would be the way to go. This undertaking would include creating a robust catalogue of modules to allow for maximum flexibility, a degree of future-proofing and the autonomy needed for the library’s administrative team to easily add or update content without relying on developers. But that didn’t mean design fell by the wayside — these modules got the presidential treatment with branded visuals that emphasized historian and archival styles.

“The team came together to build a digital solution that would stand the test of time like LBJ’s legacy. Using a combination of experience design technologies, we digitized the library so that interactive exhibits come to life on any device.”

— Stephen Brooks, Director of Technology

The Votes Are In

After the shiny new LBJ Presidential Library site was unveiled, the team pretty much knew they had struck gold — not only did the work exceed the client’s expectations, but it was work that everyone could be proud of.

Lucky for us, the folks over at the MarCom Awards agreed and bestowed the site experience with a Gold award in the Digital Media, Nonprofit Website category. This impressive win put us in good company with other notable brands, like Amazon Science, Morgan Stanley and Harvard University — all fellow winners of the gold distinction.

For those unfamiliar with the MarCom Awards, it’s one of the longest-standing creative competitions around, soliciting entries from agencies around the world in over 300 categories, including Print, Web, Video and Strategic Communications. Sponsored and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), the annual awards recognize outstanding creative work in the concept, direction, design and production of marketing and communication materials. And while it’s always nice to be recognized, we’re not gonna lie, winning feels pretty darn good, too.

Congratulations, team!