OmniSci Campaign Garners B2B Marketing Elevation Awards

How do you reach 86% of targeted accounts and serve up $6.4 million in market-driven opportunities in a cluttered competitive landscape? The answer starts with comprehensive audience research, extensive messaging frameworks and attention-grabbing creative content.

It seems like every aspect of modern life is instant.

Ordering out for dinner? Need groceries? Pull up an app and your order is on your doorstep before you know it. And in an “I need it yesterday” world, clear insights gained from good data — delivered instantly — are more important than ever before.

Using GPUs to process and deliver data, OmniSci has emerged as a leader in accelerated analytics. They’re completely changing the way data analysts and scientists interact with — and glean insights from — data. And that is changing the way organizations approach business decisions.

Not only is OmniSci’s technology lightning-fast, but it can scale with individual needs, delivering near-real-time results at the speed of curiosity. There’s no question that OmniSci is a powerful tool for any organization, but standing out in a cluttered competitive landscape has been problematic for them.

That competitive landscape isn’t just cluttered. It’s monotonous and overrun with technical language and lackluster visuals. There was a clear opportunity for OmniSci to not only stand out but to speak to data scientists in a way with which they could really identify.

OmniSci challenged the creative team at Springbox to push boundaries and to deliver a campaign that would truly set them apart in the space, establishing them as the pioneer of GPU-accelerated analytics. And in a world of sameness, we saw an opportunity to take a bold stand using loud, exciting visuals and pithy, confident, tongue-in-cheek language that’s aware of its audience, the importance of their work and the challenges they face.

We gained a deep understanding of their audience and their motivations, creating extensive and detailed message maps across the funnel — making sure to catch their attention with the right message at the right time.

To do this, we identified two primary audiences. The first, payers (CIOs, CTOs, VPs, department leads, etc.), are motivated to create a positive impact on their organization, and they rely heavily on their teams to present innovative solutions that will drive the business forward. Payers resonate with technologies that help their teams leverage data to gain insights that create competitive advantages for their business.

The second audience, doers (data managers, scientists and analysts, etc.), are ultimately OmniSci’s end users. And while they aren’t calling the shots when it comes to high-stakes, high-involvement purchasing decisions, they get the most daily value from the technologies in which the organization invests. In OmniSci, they get a partner that processes big data lakes in real time and with zero latency, helping them do their job more efficiently, more easily and more intelligently. Ultimately, OmniSci works at the speed of their curiosity, freeing data professionals from the limitations of slow analytics.

We implemented a mix of media that drove account-level awareness and engagement. Our paid search campaign captured hand-raisers and filled OmniSci’s pipeline with highly qualified leads. We also launched a full-funnel ABM strategy that included a mix of display, Facebook and native ads. Through our research, we identified pain points for each of our audiences and segmented the ads using B2B intent signals and surge data along with job function information. Those who interacted with the ads were driven to landing pages that encouraged further engagement — from white papers to demo requests.

The key to communicating with each audience was to ensure we served the right message to the right audience at the right time. The first stage consisted of awareness ads that drove visitors to OmniSci’s homepage. Retargeting ads drove users to evaluation or proof messaging, depending on which pages they interacted with. Additionally, we retargeted the leads that were generated through content syndication that drove further engagement with OmniSci. We also took advantage of LinkedIn’s professional audience database to target our ads based on job titles and seniority.

Our job was made easier thanks to OmniSci’s myriad powerful real-time demos. Not only are the demos an effective sales tool, but they span a diverse range of industries, helping seal the deal with data professionals of all kinds.

Guided by our extensive messaging frameworks, the creative content — display ads, social media posts and emails — won over OmniSci’s hard-to-reach target audiences. Within two months of the campaign’s launch, we reached 86% of the targeted accounts. By month three, we achieved a $297 decrease in cost-per-acquisition, serving up 440 sales-ready leads and $6.4 million in marketing-driven opportunities, all resulting in the best quarter in company history.

Our work for OmniSci won two silver B2B Marketing Elevation Awards — one for Best Corporate Decision-Maker-Targeted Campaign and another for Best Use of Account-Based Marketing.